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    "Am I paying too much tax?"

    We understand the OPTIONS

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    "My business is profitable, but where is the cash?"

    We understand your FINANCES

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    "Are my assets safe?"

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    "I need help to grow my Business"

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    "I'm moving toward retirement"

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At The Taylor Group, you're more than just a quarterly report, or an annual tax return. And your business is not just another set of accounts.

We provide whole of life accounting expertise – whether you're starting up or starting out, have reached your full potential in your business or career, or you're preparing for retirement – so you don't get lost in the numbers. Our whole-of-life approach to your business or career means we can take our services beyond accounting for yesterday to planning for tomorrow.

We are about knowing your business almost as well as you do, so we can provide advice that is relevant, pertinent and timely. We aim to build a rapport and establish a relationship with you that is based on the trust and respect that comes from working alongside someone for the long haul.